Last week we talked about one of the largest projects to ever hit Dubai, so we thought this week would be the perfect opportunity to talk about a project that is likely to shape the streets of a very different city – Belgrade. As far as size and scope goes, Belgrade Waterfront could hardly get any larger. It is the largest undertaking of its nature in Europe, it will feature the highest skyscraper in the region, as well as the largest mall. All under the careful tutelage of investors from the United Arab Emirates, that certainly don’t lack experience in such undertakings.

HTC Vive Real estate instalation

The goal of the project is to turn a desolate, mostly forgotten, and filthy area right in downtown Belgrade into a luxurious and startlingly modern cityscape, filled with shops, restaurants, luxury hotels, and residential buildings. Not only that, but the investor, Mohamed Alabbar, was behind the construction company that built Burj Khalifa so it’s no surprise that the Waterfront will sport the tallest building in Southeastern Europe – the Belgrade Tower. From an architectural standpoint, this project is shaping up to be one of the most exciting project in a very long time. The fact that it’s breaking so many records and milestones alone is enough to make it exciting to an architect, but the sheer scope of it is nothing to scoff at either.

Move through real estate space with HTC Vive

With a project like this, it’s very important to have the proper mindset when it comes to marketing. The sheer immensity of it can be mindboggling sometimes, so it’s important to understand which part is being marketed to which audience. This of course meant that in some cases a more traditional approach was appropriate, while in others innovation had to be made. There’s only one marketing tool, one piece of technology, that’s been taking huge strides towards prominence, cut out for the job of showing people apartments they can buy now yet no live in for months to come. Of course, we’re talking about Virtual Reality.

Over the past year we’ve talked about the potential of VR, and what it COULD do for the industry, but it has only really started picking up momentum in the last months of 2016, and is probably going to hit maximum velocity sometime in 2017. However, for the purposes of this article, and Belgrade’s Waterfront, the important velocity has been reached. And we’re extremely proud we were able to be a part of it. We’ve always been a studio that strives to reach as many people as possible, work in as many countries as possible, experiencing different cultures and ideas. But there is something special in being able to bring something you feel so passionately about, like VR, to your own country and share it with the people you’ve shared a language and culture your whole life.

HTC Virtual Real Estate Tour interface

And boy was it exciting. After seeing the first happy face appear behind the HTC Vive during our presentation was the best kind of reward we could’ve hoped for. Visit the link bellow where you can see what it is we presented, and how those that experienced it felt about the apartment they saw. It was truly stunning. We couldn’t have hoped for better results.


We’re hopeful that the ground has been sufficiently broken, and that there will be more and more projects willing to incorporate VR into their marketing arsenal. It’s such a powerful tool that can change people minds in a heartbeat that it’s simply a shame not to utilize it to its fullest potential. The holiday season is upon us, and one cannot help but feel that wishes as realistic as this are definitely not too much to ask for. But nevertheless, we’ll leave wishing aside and continue working hard at improving ourselves and our gear, so we are ready for what lies ahead. We cannot wait!

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