2016 – A Year In Review

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2016 – A Year In Review

Dec 27th 2016 In 3D vizualization, Branding, Insights, Virtual Technologies

What a year! It seems like it was yesterday that were writing a post just like this one about 2015. We had such high expectations of this year that we were almost afraid to put them all into words, just so we wouldn’t jinx it. However, even our wildest dreams didn’t come close to how amazing this year ended up being. Apart from personal and company growth we were able to witness our industry growing and expanding, allowing us to do more and more with each passing day. And boy did we do a lot this year.

neka slika
Case3D Studio

One of the biggest things that happened to our studio as a whole was moving to a new office space. Even though our previous office will always have a special place in our hearts, as we progressed so much during our time here, our new office space is just amazing. We now have more room than ever, and a lot of freedom to do with the space whatever we need to make it the perfect home. Even our VR gear has its own special corner where we can do our magic without having to worry about bumping into walls or other non-virtual objects. Finding a new home for your studio is always exciting, just like finding a new home for your family. And we are proud to say that the word “home” perfectly describes the space that we chose. Along with the growth of the space that surrounds us, we experienced much personal growth, and team growth. You can read more about that in a blog post we published a few weeks ago about just that.

neka slika
VR Headline

Another big part of our year was visiting many of the most notable conferences and events in our industry. MIPIM, City Scape, and Expo Real are the ones that left the longest lasting mark on our mindset and network. Each of them provided us not only with the opportunity to meet with peers and potential business associates, but with a great learning opportunity as well. Staying true to yourself and having something unique is very important, but so is seeing how some of the most influential names in the business do it too. Something that will stay for us for a very long time is how excited and interested people were about VR at all of these. Most of all at MIPIM, where our unique VR package had an amazing reception with all the people we met. Giving us the confidence and desire to drive ever onward with our pursuit of way we can apply VR to architecture and Real Estate.

Of course, we would be remise not to mention some project while we’re at it. It’s always hard choosing a project to mention in a post like this, because they are all dear to us. However, two projects stand out no matter what way we think about it: Nshama and Belgrade Waterfront. Both of them huge, and hugely important to us. Nshama is the first major VR tour we ever made, and the sheer scope of it made it both exciting and scary. Situated in Dubai, meant it had to be nothing short of extraordinary. We poured our heart and soul into this project, and it ended up brilliantly. The only regret we have about it is that it’s finished and we can’t go on doing it every day. Belgrade Waterfront, on the other hand, was very important because we had the opportunity to bring VR to our neighborhood, and show the people around us how amazing this technology really is. We could also do a unique presentation, where we placed a VR stand in one of the largest shopping malls in the country, giving the people that will be buying apartments in Belgrade Waterfront a first-hand experience of what they are buying into. And the reception we got was truly heartwarming.

neka slika
Nshama 360 Panorama

Of course, one year ending means we have to stop dreaming in the now and start dreaming about the future. Luckily, we’re not in short supply as dreams go, so we’re already working on some interesting things for next year. Both in terms of projects, and in terms of our studio. Not to give too much away, but we plan to take a piece of us out into the world, and into the places where we’ve found our passion for VR can be shared and expanded. As well as our passion for architecture and real estate as a whole.

neka slika
Belgrade Waterfront Showroom

We can only hope that all of you out there feel about 2016 the same way we do – in love. So many different opportunities to feel happy and thrilled about we’re doing, what our peers our doing, and how the industry is growing. Not only that, but we were able to expand and enrich our studio in every way we wanted, without losing any part of ourselves in the process. Today we feel stronger and more united than ever before, ready to face any challenge that 2017 might put in front of us. And we hope you’ll be there every step of the way, growing and succeeding with us.

Happy holidays, and Merry Christmas!