Dubai 2017 – A Year Closer To Expo 2020

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Dubai 2017 – A Year Closer To Expo 2020

Feb 15th 2017 In 360 Virtual Tour, 3D vizualization, Architecture, Conference, Expo 2020, Real Estate, Virtual Technologies

Can Dubai Expo 2020 come too soon? The answer is – no.

Architecture professionals and enthusiasts around the world are brimming with excitement about the event that’s slowly shaping up to be the most important one of its kind this decade. Not only is Expo 2020 going to be as large as they get, it’s also going to feature some of the most amazing architectural achievements in the world. And it’s not even within a year from now! Which only means that the number and scope of projects that are going to be presented there is going to increase. Not only that, but considering how technology has been taking a more prominent role in marketing and showcasing projects, we expect that we’ll truly see some revolutionary means of presenting at the Expo as well. With new tech such as Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality coming to age, and getting over some of the growing pains characteristic of new tech, we are truly in for a treat.

neka slika
Dubai Creek Harbour Project By Case3D

Talking about Expo 2020 means talking about a project that has really cemented itself as the crown jewel of Dubai’s budding architectural industry over the next few years – The Caltrava Tower. Designed by the famous Spanish architect, the new gem of Dubai Creek Harbor is set to be completed by 2020, just in time for Dubai Expo. This amazing blend of traditional and modern architecture is going to become the tallest building in Dubai, and the world. The new Queen of Heights is going to incorporate some truly marvelous feats of engineering with the best possible materials to make it not only beautiful, but extremely well made as well. It will also embody the spirit of Dubai as the world center of trade, business, and leisure to the fullest. The tower itself is of great importance to Dubia as a city, but it is also very important for Expo 2020 as well. Not only will it give the Expo a great centerpiece, but it will also provide architects and designers everywhere something to thrive for, and something to overpass. There’s nothing quite like a peer that’s starting to run away from you whom you can catch up to, and eventually overtake. Of course, building the highest man-made structure in the world is not something that is easily overtaken, but there are other ways of being competitive, and we’re really excited to see what our peers will come up with.

neka slika
Nshama Town Square

In a city such as Dubai, luxury and wealth are at every corner, and it was designed to accommodate people that enjoy both of those. But what about those that have slightly more modest tastes and requirements? To be honest, there simply aren’t that many options, yet. However, this is set to change in the following years, just in time for Expo 2020. A great project we had the pleasure of working on, Nshama, has set its eyes on solving the issues of those that are looking for their place under the heavens in Dubai. Namely, Nshama decided to provide a more affordable living space for those that desire it, without losing the charm and spirit that Dubai has to offer. We’ve had the pleasure of bringing their designs and sketches to life via a Virtual Tour, and it has been a pleasure unlike many others. It is always a challenge to create something that is supposed to be both luxurious and affordable at the same time, but Nshama have managed to do just that. Their revolutionary city district is going to offer everything that is expected of Dubai, but a price that doesn’t leave your wallet empty for several lifetimes. And we can’t wait to see it in action at Expo 2020.

There are many projects whose appearance we’re looking forward to, and probably many more to be announced. We feel that the 21st century will truly bring the world of architecture unto new heights, and we couldn’t be gladder to be a part of it. Do you have any projects that you are looking forward to, or are a part of? If the answer is yes, please contact us on social media or just comment below, and we’ll be glad to take a look or discuss it with you.

Until next time, keep dreaming and keep building!

Featured photo source: Expo2020 website