Enrich Your Team Through Education – Build Your Company Meeting New Ways Of Thinking

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Enrich Your Team Through Education – Build Your Company Meeting New Ways Of Thinking

Nov 15th 2016 In Conference, Insights, People

We were talking recently how we became a company. How we grew from a few teammates and enthusiasts to a team of more than 30 people. Our ideas have spread across several sectors and continue to grow every day, but most importantly our team grows too. Because of that we would like to share with all of you how we have changed our perspective, and learned that you have to step into the world if you want to collaborate with it.

We have realized that communicating with others opens the doors of your own company identity and culture. It sounds strange, but participating in a few conferences and events in our industry led us to the decision that we want more, and a greater variety of, learning. It is totally ok to meet your colleagues and drink beer once in a while, but to achieve true progress you must step forward. And we did. This year we have participated in some really big events! From MIPIM, Expo Real and Cityscape in Dubai  to D2 Conference, SOA, View Conference or WWWVrsac conference in our country.
There are a few things we want to emphasize:

1. Go beyond your industry to find new opportunities – we divided our event participation into two main parts: events where we can meet our clients, and events where we can expand our knowledge and build our credibility. Type one is for our managers, and type two is for our team. Yeah, we believe that personal growth is a highway to company growth.

2. Find out what your team members are good at and hone their skills – shift their roles around to unleash their true potential. Support the people on your team. Show them the ropes, help them grow and guide them towards achieving their goals. Help them learn and grow in what they really love.

3. Finding new perspectives means leaving your comfort zone – leave your industry, go find different ways of doing the same things you do every day.

 Manja is our 3D interactive Artist, or as we like to say our “VR girl”. She participated, along with our Art Director Nebojša, in this year’s View Conference. Manja says that “it is very important to follow and participate these kinds of events, in order to follow up on the work of other people and their achievements, as well as speakers who will share their experiences and suggestions. The experience that is obtained when attending such conferences is motivating, driving you to new ideas and building on old ones that can potentially improve some new knowledge.” Manja and Nebojša were both delighted and excited about the work and presentation of Mr. Donald P. Greenberg, an internationally recognized pioneer in computer graphics, who has been primarily concerned with research advancing what is currently state-of-the-art in computer graphics, and with finding ways in which these techniques can be applied to a variety of disciplines.
„His enthusiasm and desire to explore is amazing, and especially the way that he conveyed this to us in the audience. His enthusiasm encouraged me to think and strive for new ways both in the field of architectural visualization and CGI and in life in general. It’s been a great honor listening him. “, said Manja about Mr. Greenbergs presentation.

neka slika
Prof. Donald P. Greenberg

We should mention that, besides events and conferences in our field of expertise, we love to meet other successful people at business events, which helps us build great relationships and help our team members develop into leaders in themselves.

Aleksandra – Web and UI design, and Marko – Head of operations, were our leaders attending a big conference in our country – WWWVrsac with the moto: “Live locally, work globally”. Young entrepreneurs tell each other their stories, from different industries and life perspectives. It is a really motivational, useful, and life changing experience. For Aleksandra, it was literally that – she found the leader in herself again.

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Our Team

This is what she had to say after this great experience:

I think it is absolutely important to participate in these kinds of events for everyone. We are all there, as one, ready to interact and learn from each other and it gives a certain kind of power to events like these. Finding new business opportunities and meeting new people is a real pleasure in this environment, even life changing for some people.

Regarding WWWVrsac  conference, it’s always beyond interesting hearing how other people solve their challenges and business aspects of their work. It is inspiring listening about personal stories of young entrepreneurs who had the courage to take a chance and go into building a business on their own. A common denominator for all these stories is that they all had strong principles, values, and vision before they started along their way. It is something we can all use in our personal and in business life. It is interesting to hear and see how other companies function and deal with their problems and challenges as well. You can learn from others how to step forward, beat all the hard stuff and stay faithful to all your principles and business ethics. My overall impression is, no matter how educated or “in the loop” you are, it is always a great thing to explore new ways and seek out new opportunities. We live in a world ruled by information. You get these opportunities every day in your life, you just have to recognize them and build your life and business according to your own rules. Everything is possible!

neka slika

All in all, this has been one busy year in Case3D! We’ve attended many different conferences and events, moved into a larger office space, our team has grown even larger, and we were rewarded with an abundance of projects. Many of these projects included new technologies and skill sets that we have been acquiring over the last few years, so they were doubly rewarding. Every day brought something new that we could use to improve our way of presenting architecture to the world, and our clients. Whether it be architectural visualization as we’ve known it for the past decade, or the latest of the latest – VR. One of the greatest side effects of all our hard work has certainly been the fact that the term “country border” has meant less and less, with our client list spanning multiple countries and continents. But, perhaps most of all, we are proud to say that our team has grown with the company, and we’ve all become an even larger, even closer, and even stronger family.