Residential 3D Virtual Tour Made With Love

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Residential 3D Virtual Tour Made With Love

Nov 24th 2016 In 360 Virtual Tour, 3D vizualization, Virtual Technologies

It is a great pleasure of ours to introduce you to one of our latest projects, done for our friends and neighbors – Erker Engineering. When each new project you begin brings innovation and moves boundaries of living for the citizens of Novi Sad the logical thing to do is to raise the stakes when it comes to presenting and selling real estate as well. Erker Engineering recognized 3D Virtual Tours as a unique sales tool while promoting one of its latest project – Futoška 57.

What makes Erker Engineering stand out, apart from their well-known quality and highly professional approach, is the introduction of an ecologically responsible way of construction. The residential and commercial building on the corner of Futoška and cara Dušana was designed with all the elements of contemporary construction and spatial organization characteristic of cityscapes. Particularly interesting are the two-level apartments on the upper floors, which on their second levels have green roof terraces that give the space a very exclusive feel. With this project the investor is really defining what it means to live “Green” in a city, combining what the eco segments of building meant to the company so far and building upon the current concept of sustainable construction.

neka slika
Futoska Living Room

When sophisticated feeling and truly aligning yourself with an idea, as well as the space, is in question, is there a better way to achieve this than with a Virtual Tour? The thing that allows us to give life to a space and let the user create their own experience by moving around and getting „a feel“ for the space?

Case 3D’s task in this matter was to give a photo-realistic depiction of the space while keeping the given concept and creative ambience, with which the space communicates with potential buyers, in mind. If you follow the link below you will be able to see for yourself what it feels like to walk through this apartment and enjoy the beautiful view from the balcony, whether by day or by night:

The process of creating the 360 Virtual Tour itself was simple in a way, and it entailed following the standard steps – from rendering panoramic images to the creation of the 360 Virtual Tour application itself and uploading it online. Once it is uploaded online the app really starts living a life of its own, becoming a truly magnificent tool in the sales of real estate that is easily accessed from anywhere at any time, and that communicates with potential buyers in an efficient way.

neka slika
Futoska Panorama
neka slika
Futoska Balcony

What separates 360 Virtual Tour’s from the more traditional depictions of a space through static photography:

– High quality renderings and photo realistic presentation in 360 degree

– Extended possibilities of spatial exploration

– Giving the buyers a chance to feel and explore every detail

– Online and responsive mobile solutions

– Website, email, and social networks communication in an interactive way

– Meeting buyers wherever they are

– Cutting down the sales costs and boosting sales

If you are interested in more details about how we can help you boost your sales with 360 Virtual Tour please contact us via