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The revolutionary city district in Dubai that’s being constructed by developers with the same name. What makes it revolutionary? Well, most of all, the fact that it will provide residents of Dubai with a completely fresh and unique living opportunity which is meant to cater to the needs of residents with a more humble lifestyle than some have come to expect from Dubai. Meaning that the heart and soul of Nshama will be reflected in its residents, and their families.

What we’re really interested today isn’t the ideal behind Nshama’s construction, but how the developers decided to go about selling it. Apart from traditional means such as targeted ads, fancy billboards, and the like, the developers have decided to employ a tool that’s proven itself to be valuable in many an arsenal – technology. And not just any piece of technology, but one that’s been taking the world of architecture by storm in recent years. Some of you might’ve guessed it already, we are talking about a Virtual Tour. Instead of going with the standard practice of creating an ideal apartment, from one of its many residential complexes, that has to be scheduled, guided through, not to mention fully furnished, Nshama have decided to give their prospective clients an opportunity to experience their properties in whichever way they feel is most suited to them.

Nshama showroom Virtual Tour creen

However, before we delve any further into the Nshama project, we thought we’d give you a quick little reminder about what Virtual Tours really are. We’ve talked about this extensively in the past, so we won’t go into it too deeply, but you can always check out our blog if you’re interested in more information. Virtual Tours, essentially, are an ideal apartment made entirely using computer generated images, which are then merged into a single presentation. What this means is that digital artist, such as us, construct properties from scratch using plans and ideas provided by the developer. These properties are then shown through clients by using computer, mobile, or any other screen. What’s special about Virtual Tours is that they provide a fully immersive, 360 degree, realistic representation of what the customer might expect. This of course means that developers can show their properties at their best without having to spend significant amounts of money on furnishing and equipping their ideal apartments with all the necessities for them to become a showroom.

Now that we’ve reached the topic of showrooms, it’s time to get back to the Nshama project. What they’ve decided to do is create a showroom in which customers can explore each and every inch of an apartment without ever having to set foot anywhere near it. Namely, they’ve taken a space and designed its interior to reflect their ideas behind the project while putting up several TV screens through which visitors can experience the Virtual Tour that they’ve created. This, of course, eliminated the need for tour guides that talk you through the apartment, and any scheduling issues that could possible arise out of that. All one needs to do in order to see Nshama’s work is to visit their showroom, walk up to one of the screens, and navigate around by following the simple steps shown on the screen. And great thing is that you can do this online as well. This really gives visitors a chance to explore at their own pace, and pay attention to details that might not be important to anyone else but them. By using a Virtual Tour in this way Nshama have really managed to capture the essence of what a Virtual Tour can do, and bring out the best out of it.

Virtual Tour screen preview

What makes a project such as Nshama using Virtual Tours so great is the fact that this means Virtual Tour is gaining even more momentum. Even though its rise has been astounding, it has yet to reach many markets, including Dubai. The 2020 Expo will really show how much has changed in the industry, and we hope that many more developers will be showcasing their projects using Virtual Tours, or Virtual Reality. They are both extremely powerful tools that can change the fate of a project in a second. When showcasing something first impressions have always been important, and both these tools pack a punch that is second to none. Not all developers are aware of this fact, which is quite understandable considering the novelty of the technology being used, but we aim to change that fact.

This year we’re going to travel as far as we can, as often as we can, and we’re bringing both the Virtual Tour and Virtual Reality with us. And we’re sure both of them will perform just marvelously.

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