Erker Engineering residential building catalog by Case3D

Erker Engineering approached us with a request to think up a branding concept for one of their residential buildings. We met up with their management and suggested that we would create an approach for a selling strategy for these apartments. Our concept consisted of creating 6 unique design ambiences based on target audiences of potential buyers, appropriate graphic design for the brochures, billboards and marketing material, and a few exterior images along with an animation of the building itself.

The idea was to present the positive selling points through these key elements and attract potential real estate buyers by highlighting these qualities. We made a set of mood board design suggestions for each of the apartments, and gone through them with the client, refining each of them for the specified target groups.

Erker Engineering apartment in catalog preview

The 3D animation of the building was incorporated into the footage we shot with a drone, so that the building could be experienced in its realistic surroundings. The whole campaign went amazingly well and apartments were sold out in a matter of weeks from releasing the material.

Erker Engineering v cards preview by Case3D

Erker Engineering residential building broshure preview by Case3D

Erker Engineering apartment visual
 Erker Engineering bedroom 3D visualization
Erker Engineering living room visual by Case3D
 Erker Engineering apartment 3D rendering
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