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In the world of cruise ships, P&O Australia is very well known for their fleet of luxury cruise liners, and the news of introducing two new sister ships Pacific Aria & Eden was huge, especially since they announced that they will be revolutionising cruise liner dining as it is. We were contacted by our client Tillber Design of Sweden who were in charge of designing all of the ship’s new features and spaces to provide highest quality visuals for their designs.

Their concept was based around replacing the old style buffet food court with a new and contemporary approach and offering a variety of world cuisine choises inside a new space called The Pantry which would be designed in a contemporary and stylish manner. The preparation phase began at recieving and sorting all the data from the client since the number of spaces to be visualized was large. We recieved sketches, material and furniture references as well as mood boards for the atmosphere and style of spaces that we were to produce visuals for.

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The additional challenge was that the new concept was a refurbishment of old ship interiors, and they were to be replaced so first we needed to model the existing spaces in which the new designs were to be fitted in. It also took some preparation to gather all the reference images and produce the custom textures that were needed for some parts of the project, including graphics as well as flooring and wall cover materials. The production was relatively standard from that part, with the only difference being that there was a substantial number of changes and additions as the designs got refined through our 3D visualizations.

We were also comissioned to produce 12 animation sequences for the spaces we visualised as well as for the ones that were done by another company in the past, along with a few flythroughs of the exterior of the ship. We divided the workload in three phases, so we could recieve the comments and work on them while simultaneously preparing the models and textures for the scenes that arrived later in the process. As soon as we got the confirmation that the space was signed off we sent it off for rendering since this was the most time consuming and difficult part of producing a 3D animation. We also provided a realistic water simulation for the exterior shots since they needed to be believable and show the ship in its full beatuy.All in all a very successful project for both us and our clients, the images have been shared by P&O Autralia on their website as well as animations we did for the project, and that`s something we`re very proud of.

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