Architects Looking at a Golf Complex

It was a moment of pure excitement when we learned we are going to be involved in production of visuals for the projects of one of the most exclusive golf courses in the world, and to also learn it was designed by one of our favorite architects was a dream come true for us.

Designed by the legendary Jack Nicklaus in partnership with investment company, Millhouse, Skolkovo is described as the ultimate destination for discerning golfers. Their privileged players enjoy an exemplary golf experience, from the world-class Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf Course, created in liaison with the landscaper Linda Bird, to the spectacular clubhouse, designed by Shigeru Ban, Skolkovo golf club has established itself as the club of choice for an elite audience of golf enthusiasts.

Golf Club Skolkovo Plans

Production wise, this project was one of the more demanding ones. The CAD information we received was in one word enormous, and refined to the finest detail. We also received detailed landscaping drawings and instructions from architects that designed this part of the course. One of the challenges also was to make a 3D model of the whole golf course and to realistically materialize it. This was achieved through various techniques including large scale scattering, and memory optimization through using a lot of 3D proxy objects. Final post production was also a specific task, since the client demanded lifelike, and warm color scheme that was to be as realistic as possible.

We certainly can say that the work we did speaks for itself with the time and effort we put into it. We have also had a rare opportunity to compare our visuals to actual photos of the finished building, so you can judge for yourself how close we got these images to actual photos, or how close the photos are to our images in our Blog post :)

Golf Club Skolkovo Renders and Photos

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