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Sep 18th 2018

200 Free 2D Cutout People by Case3D

Aug 23rd 2018 In Jobs

We are Hiring – Marketing Executive

Interested in future-proofing your career by marketing virtual reality, interactive apps, and ultra-realistic 3D renderings to some of the largest real-estate companies in the world?

Aug 15th 2018 In Jobs

Tražimo freelance dizajnere sa iskustvom u luxury/real estate segmentu

Tražimo freelance dizajnere sa iskustvom u luxury/real estate segmentu, poželjno je i poznavanje UX/UI.

Aug 7th 2018 In Jobs

We are Hiring – Project Manager

Case3D is an architectural visualization studio that offers immersive marketing services to world-renowned architects and real estate developers.

Aug 7th 2018 In Jobs

Menadžer za ključne kupce (nemačko govorno područje)

Case3D je studio koji se bavi arhitektonskom vizualizacijom i nudi interaktivna rešenja za prodaju i marketing nekretnina.

Jul 25th 2018 In Insights, Jobs, People

We Are Hiring – Senior 3D Artist

Case3D is an architectural visualization studio that offers immersive marketing services to world-renowned architects and real estate developers. 

Jul 18th 2018

We are Hiring – Financial Controller

Case3D is an architectural visualization studio that offers immersive marketing services to world-renowned architects and real estate developers. 

Jul 4th 2018

7 Archviz Artist Types We Know and Love

Disclaimer: Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

Jun 22nd 2018

Adelin Schweitzer “hijacks” Immersive Tech with his Unique Brand of Shamanism

The way French multimedia artist Adelin Schweitzer uses AR/VR will definitely make you reevaluate your relationship with your smartphone– and technology in general.

May 30th 2018 In Jobs

Head of Business Development

We are looking for a Head of Business Development to pitch our innovative products to high-profile clients in the property development industry.

May 7th 2018 In Interior Design

Can I see that in another color? 3D rendering takes the guesswork out of interior design

If architecture is an extension of the human body, interior design is what makes it live and breathe in complete synchronicity with its occupants. This is particularly true for residential spaces, whe

Apr 27th 2018

Photorealistic 3D Rendering Beats Furniture Photography in Cost and Versatility

Up until not long ago, the only way furniture designers could get their products in front of potential buyers was to get them in the physical proximity of their manufactured pieces, or put those piece

Apr 23rd 2018 In Real Estate

How to manage guest expectations with VR

For the first time in history, hospitality businesses can leverage the power of emerging technologies like VR or AR to ensure that their guests get exactly what they were promised.

Apr 13th 2018

Building unique guest experiences with VR

Build a VR showroom and they will come. Add AR support to their latest iPhone and they will use it!

Mar 16th 2018

The ThinkHome Experience at MIPIM 2018

Our core team at Case3D attended MIPIM 2018 in Cannes, where we launched our highly anticipated virtual property touring service - ThinkHome.

Feb 21st 2018

5 principles to help you succeed in archviz

With the architectural visualization tools becoming increasingly democratized, differentiating yourself from the competition requires more than the ability to create photorealistic renderings.

Jan 18th 2018 In Interactive, Virtual Technologies

How to market real estate to millennials?

While the average millennial is far less likely to own a home compared to a member of any previous generation, they still represent a far from negligible target market in real estate.

Jan 15th 2018 In 3D vizualization, Interactive, Virtual Technologies

VR – the ultimate way to showcase off plan real estate

Real estate has to be marketed visually. VR is the ultimate tool to enable people to see themselves in their future home before deciding to buy it.

Jan 12th 2018 In Case3D Team, Insights, People

Staying Human (A Year in Review)

In 2017, we've managed to surprise and surpass ourselves in every aspect - opening offices in London and Dubai, pioneering new tech, and gaining some amazing clients through referrals alone.

Oct 28th 2017 In Conference

Live locally, work globally – WWVrsac 2017

Today, our co-founder and CEO Danilo opened the second day of WWVrsac, a conference in Serbia about living locally while working for a global market.