ArchViz trends on the Viz Business Event in Budapest

ArchViz trends on the Viz Business Event in Budapest

The Viz Business Event, held from 10th to 11th of May in Budapest, was a great opportunity for Case3D representatives to gain new insights and perspectives through inspiring speeches and program dedicated to the business benefits of architecture visualization.

The Hungarian Contemporary Architecture Centre – KÉK, partnered up with a high-end architectural visualization company Brick Visual, organised a conference, workshops and exhibition, a meeting of creative minds, with the aim of sharing best practices, tools, strategies that can help architect offices thrive. It carries a special focus on business development and the benefits of architectural visualization.

The Viz Business Event took place on several locations and included The Viz Business Conference, The Art of Viz Business Exhibition and The Viz Business Workshop which from different aspects exploring and presenting ArchViz. On the Viz Business conference speakers shared their experience, best and “worst practices” and provide first-hand insight into how ArchViz can help to develop business. Visitors had chance to listen many renowned speakers as Paulo Flores from Zaha Hadid Architects, Fabio Palvelli from D2 conferences, Knut Ramstad from Nordic Office of Architecture among many more. The accompanying exhibition, The Art of Viz Business, was showcasing world-class, local ArchViz studios and artists delivering award winning designs to top architecture firms globally. Last day of the event was devoted to practice-based, inspiring demo-day in the Brick Visual Office, designed for architects.

The Hungarian Contemporary Architecture Centre – KÉK as an independent professional organisation founded in 2006 decided to partner with international, high-end, architectural visualization company Brick Visual on a common mission of opening new perspectives in architectural and urban thinking.

Architectural visualization has the potential to positively influence and even catalyze the adaption to the constantly changing professional environment of architecture, which is the reason why this kind of events are very important for professional community.

Always glad to broaden horizons and exchange knowledge and enthusiasm with renowned professionals in our rapidly changing industry!