Build Up 2019: The exciting time for real estate industry!

Build Up 2019: The exciting time for real estate industry!

Build Up, the first regional conference about digitalization in architecture, construction and real estate, was held in Belgrade on October 16 and gathered experts in these fields offering insightful talks about implementation of BIM, real estate proptech solutions and digital comfort.

Our creative director Nebojša Zaklan had the honour to open the second panel devoted to proptech solutions in the real estate industry, stating that the real estate as an industry has finally started to awake, increasingly using new technologies in designing, communicating and selling the unbuilt property.

“It is our job to help architects to present their dream,” said Nebojsa and showcased examples of innovative proptech solutions Case3D developed so far. From touchscreens used to navigate and communicate valuable information for buyers in an interactive manner, through presentational solutions designed to impress, to online, customer-centric sales solutions – we are developing a range of immersive solutions aimed to shorten the path between seller and buyer and bring to life what is yet to come.

Nebojša went through the main benefits of PropTech solutions in real estate and show how VR and augmented reality enrich project presentation and change the user experience.

“VR tools are authentically transporting the user to a future home with his family before it is built. Through virtual reality, not only architecture is presented, but the experience itself.”

During the conference breaks, all visitors had the opportunity to try Case3D VR Bicycle and firsthand experience the unique feeling of riding the virtual race.

With two other panels addressing the implementation of BIM technology in design and smart systems and the Internet of Things, BuildUp2019 succeeded to show how the implementation of new technologies makes the process of designing, constructing and selling real estate easier and more efficient.

Special thanks to organizers portal and all participants for connecting and knowledge sharing. Excellent organization, full hall and inspiring topics and lecturers truly made this event remarkable – it has been a great pleasure to be part of it!

The whole conference you can watch here.