Case 3D is a verified member of the top 7% at community

Case 3D is a verified member of the top 7% at community

Novi Sad, Serbia, 29th of October 2021, – we are beyond words to announce that Case 3D has successfully been verified as a engineering partner. This means that we have joined an elite community of the top 7% of software engineering companies. This will enable us to provide information about our organization through our profile for both current and future prospects.

How we approached the onboarding process

Here at Case 3D we have long thought about how we can showcase the information about our company in a more transparent and accessible way. Having gone through the independent verification process, we can now offer this to all interested parties through our verified profile.

The verification process required information on such topics as business strategy, culture, technology, recruitment & HR, project metrics, and more. This gave us the opportunity to sit down internally and gather data that was required but also to discuss the areas that we could potentially develop further in the future.

In the second part, we asked 3  of our clients to contribute with their insights and give an honest opinion on their experience with Case 3D. Additionally, we gained insights from our team members to measure team health, and this was a very important part of the onboarding process for us.

The verification process itself brought our attention to a few things we took for granted a few years back in the company. It gave us the opportunity to review them and brainstorm how to improve them, as this would directly impact our customer experience and our overall service towards our clients.

What we learned along the way

One of the most important things we gathered from the process was the client testimonials. We are, of course, always on the mission of giving our absolute best towards the people we work for, but rarely comes the occasion that we ask them to give us their honest opinion of their vision of our cooperation, and we’re pleased to announce the high degree of 9.3 for customer journey metrics.

It has been very insightful to gather around the team and hear their thoughts about the company culture and health. We talked about how the recent global pandemic impacted our work habits and organization. The important thing was that we agreed on and understood that we quickly adapted and embraced the new work environment and ethics while still managing to maintain strong and lasting work relationships and communication.

It has also been apparent that we are currently in hybrid mode, which is to maintain a standard work environment, a mix between the office and home workplaces. This is a new area for us to explore still, and it will pose a few challenges along the way for certain. The area where we excel, though, is definitely in keeping an open channel of communication towards the people we work with and hearing them out.

This means that we will keep evolving our internal relations and giving our best to develop them even more deeply between us.

The way forward

Becoming a part of the community has been a great milestone for us here at Case 3D, especially since we come from a non-standard industry for typical teams here. We expect this to be a first step toward growing and becoming more widely recognized as interactive technologies gain more and more ground in our everyday lives.

We will give our best to give support and insights into new opportunities for our future clients and coworkers alike, since our specialty, in the end, is providing vision and insight for things to come.

Our score will be a good reference for our starting point in this new environment, but also in areas where we can and will improve in the future through our open approach and care for our internal and external stakeholders. Forward is the only way to go from here, and we are looking forward to making an impact in this new and exciting environment.