Belgrade Waterfront VR

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Belgrade Waterfront VR



Name of project:

Belgrade Waterfront VR


Eagle Hills


Virtual Reality

The Challenge

To engineer a showroom experience that would spark interest in a premium development.

The Solution

Being one of the most innovative and influential projects in the region, Belgrade Waterfront called for a fresh approach to boosting off plan sales. Creating an immersive virtual tour was the perfect means to let potential buyers not only see, but also experience the high quality of living. Using the latest in cutting edge technology and graphics, our team successfully engineered a captivating experience that allowed users to interact, explore, and fall in love with their future home.

The Outcome

The VR project was showcased in some of the largest Belgrade and Dubai malls to a widely diverse audience. For most, this was the first time they ever tried VR - and needless to say, the experience generated a lot of excitement and interest. Many potential homeowners were persuaded into buying the apartments off plan, while the innovative showroom got rave reviews in the media.
neka slikaneka slika

“Case3D delivered the project on budget and on time. The value and potential of VR can be seen through the fact that the apartments showcased were sold as a direct result of the presentation. The biggest benefit is the curiosity and excitement that the showroom generates - people are genuinely fascinated when exploring an exclusively furnished apartment while enjoying a virtual sunset on the horizon. Portability is another plus, and we use this tool on our public stands and road shows. It’s definitely one of the more successful campaigns we had for creating interest in off plan purchases.’’

- Predrag Petrovic, Marketing Manager at Eagle Hills