Dubai Creek Harbour

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Dubai Creek Harbour



Name of project:

Dubai Creek Harbour




3D Rendering

The Challenge

To visualize the future of an iconic waterfront development situated on the banks of Dubai Creek

The Solution

The renderings were to produce a ‘’wow factor’’ and represent the next frontier in contemporary living - a place where nature and luxury meet. Our client gave us full autonomy to determine the best camera angles and ambient lighting. The creative freedom implied great responsibility - and we immediately knew we needed to bring our A-game to fulfill high expectations. After conducting extensive research and producing numerous variations, the winning combination was selected.

The Outcome

To our client’s satisfaction, the renderings effectively conveyed a bold new vision of Dubai and the exclusivity of a beautiful bustling promenade. We feel this became one of our most influential works to date, and has been included in a wide variety of printed and online publications, as well as the DCH showroom in Dubai.