Dubai Office Park

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Dubai Office Park



Name of project:

Dubai Office Park




3D Rendering

With a booming economy comes the need for more business space, and who knows that better than Dubai. As a leader in Dubai real estate, our client Emaar had this vision of transforming Al Khail Road into an important Dubai business center with impressive, yet simple architecture that invites those who don’t just seek the available, but the possible.

The Concept

We were commissioned to do these monumental exteriors that depict a working atmosphere with a wave of class. This office park is represented by a complex of buildings, created to accommodate offices, lobbies, retails, massive parking constructions and other elements that would make a good business space structures. For those who have a business lunch to attend to have all they need right in the business center, along with cafes and modern pathways with plentiful greenery. The materials are to be sharp and strong, such as zinc, danpalon, bronze and timber, to leave a strong impression and make the exterior look very professional. These luxurious business spaces aren’t for the faint of wallet, so creating that wow factor is certainly what these renders are made to do.
The Architecture
The Architecture

Architecturally, creating these types of high quality exterior renderings was no easy task. Post production plays a very important part in setting the tone of a working environment. Lighting, vehicle motion and other details were carefully thought of in order to tell the right story.

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