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Name of project:



Kanozi Arkitekter


3D Rendering

The Gaddan project presents residential objects situated in Malmo, the most populated city in Scania and is the economic and cultural center of South Sweden. Kanozi Arkitekter, situated in Malmo themselves, are devoted to bring their best to create architecture that engages and enriches society, especially in their own town. We enjoy working on such benevolent projects and visualizing Sweden’s ambient with all its characteristics.

Gaddan Ambient & Inspiration

Working with Kanozi Arkitekter is always challenging and inspiring. This time, the project request consisted of three exterior images in an autumn dusk mood, with lots of people and activities in the streets with an accent on the specific type of residential – multi functional block designed for different groups of users. Our task was to show of diversity and a mixture of residential and business concepts, family and business people, kids, kindergartens and sports. Above all, our clients wanted us to authentically present this specific part of the river coast and all its benefits. Pursuing correct materials, the atmosphere and lightning was a real challenge. In order to achieve photo realistic feel we have gathered a lot of references, such as images of nature, Scandinavian ambiance and autumn, city escapes, and incorporated them in natural atmosphere in the post production process. The final renderings catered to all demands, and tasks were completed to the satisfaction of both sides leaving behind a feeling of pleasure.
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