Glenbrook House

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Glenbrook House



Name of project:

Glenbrook House


Principal Ingredient


3D Rendering

An inspiring project with focus on luxurious. We have taken our time to approach these visuals with special care about the feeling they were to communicate to the viewer.

Design and Inspiration

Interiors for this project were designed by our own staff with some guidance from the client, so that the result would be tailored to the buyers needs. We have taken a lot of details into account, including the clients sensibilities and their overall goal with this project. Our goal was modern, open and light. Vibrant colors were used to accent the contemporary furniture pieces, to give depth to the bright and spacious rooms. Exteriors were bathed in warm colors and shades, and we decided to include a close up night time image of the beautiful lobby with warm and subtle lighting details. We are still very proud of this project as it is a great representative of contemporary real estate projects that have a vivacious and light inviting tone.