Hilton Bournemouth

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Hilton Bournemouth



Name of project:

Hilton Bournemouth


Scott Brownrigg


3D Rendering

We have had experience with producing hotel design visuals for some time now, and Scott Brownrigg are one of our primary clients for these sort of renderings. It was no surprise when they contacted us with a design proposal for a new luxury hotel located in Bournemouth, on the south coast of England. The city of Bournemouth is well known in Britain for their sandy beaches, and is regarded as a tourist and regional center for leisure, entertainment, culture and recreation.

City of Bournemouth
City of Bournemouth

Concept & Custom Work

Initially, we received design proposals for only a few spaces, but once our client won the project, the number of spaces that needed to be visualized grew drastically. In total there were more than twenty spaces that they needed visuals for. This called for some internal organization in the studio and a lot of project management, as well as resource organization. There were more than a hundred custom furniture pieces to be modeled throughout the entire project span, which lasted for more than a year, and we formed a specialized team of people for this task so we could speed up the production pipeline as fast as possible. Simultaneously, as we prepared the resources for the scenes, which also included a lot of custom textures and materials, we also modeled the spaces that needed to be visualized and produced the initial clay phase renders for clients to comment on. That continued on to material previews, and then the project moved into the design development phase, since projects of these types of visualization are often used as a design tool for architects so that they could refine their designs to perfection, and meet the clients requests. This hotel interior design project lasted for more than a year. After more than a dozen variations for each space, the design was finally approved, and the hotel is in its finishing construction phase at the moment. We are very excited to see how similar will our visuals will look to the actual built interior spaces since that is our greatest measure of a job well done.
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