Regent Hotel

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Regent Hotel



Name of project:

Regent Hotel


Porto Montenegro


3D Rendering

Montenegro is a well-known touristic destination for all types of visitors, from those who like to keep it a bit low key in the beginning of the season, to those who like bustle of peak season. Tivat is one of the most visited towns, which is full of excellent hotels, many tourist attractions and, of course, the beautiful Adriatic Sea.

The Hotel

The Regent Hotel sits on the very seaside in Tivat, with the most beautiful mountain view, enriched by the seas’ sapphire blue. Our client, Porto Montenegro, had designed the hotel to be an attractive hospitality object, with many leisurely amenities such as an incorporated pool within the hotel’s exterior, lounge areas, and an environment of greenery and beauty. Creating a monumental exterior rendering was our task to bring out the inviting nature of the hotel. We also created an interior shot of the hotel’s atrium that has a very interesting centerpiece. There were many technical details to take into consideration, since the project was to be built, so following exact plans was very important. The client provided us with a lot of technical blueprints of the hotel so this was no problem, and we could give a very precise and awesome render.
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