Salone Del Mobile Milano

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Salone Del Mobile Milano



Name of project:

Salone Del Mobile Milano


Luigi Bruno


3D Rendering

As soon as we received the information for this project from one of our clients Luigi Bruno, we knew it was going to be unique. The request we got was to build an exhibition stand for one of the most exclusive Italian classical furniture manufacturers – Santo Passaia, as realistic as possible with all of the intricate details classical interior design is known for.

The Stand

The stand was to be placed at Salone del Mobile in Milan which is one of the largest furniture fairs in the world, so the task before us was very demanding and required us to push our boundaries once again to achieve the results that were expected of us. The preparation for the project began by receiving all of the drawings and inputs from the client, and organizing a production meeting where we decided how we would split the process, since the amount of custom modeling that needed to be done was substantial. On the plus side the information and drawings we got from the client were very detailed so it made our 3D modeling job a bit easier, as these kinds of precise inputs always speed up the process significantly. We modeled more than 50 pieces of complex decorations and furniture, including classic moldings, cornices, pillars, queen beds, lounge chairs and bathroom pieces that were to be placed in the interior.
neka slikaneka slika

The Details

Once the 3D production was finished, we were faced with one more request, which was to make the clothes that were to be placed in the wardrobes, look as realistic as possible. After some brainstorming and realizing 3D clothing that we had were just not good enough, we got an idea to photograph some clothes in a studio environment and then cut them out and place them in our renderings. It took some preparation and technical knowledge to pull it off, but once placed the clothes blended seamlessly with our 3D environments, and we successfully achieved the desired effect.
neka slikaneka slika
The Final Result

After successful completion of the project, we got the opportunity to compare our work with the final and constructed exhibition stand, and we must admit that it looks magnificent, both in our visualizations and in real life. As we prefer working on contemporary designs, we have to admit that we savored this project for its own unique style and looks, and through the production process we realized that classical design has its own unique language that we learned to interpret and transfer into our production and final images which we enjoy working on to this day.