Sunrise Bay at Emaar Beachfront

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Sunrise Bay at Emaar Beachfront



Name of project:

Sunrise Bay at Emaar Beachfront




3D Rendering


To execute the client’s vision of luxury, yet sophistication for Sunrise Bay - while honouring their dedication to a maritime living atmosphere.


Creating images centred around yacht culture, the epitome of premium beachfront living. We added stunning yachts effortlessly floating in front of the beaches, and put emphasis on the blue and white of the sand, sea, and sky in harmony with the matching expert Emaar design. Scenes of the vibrant boulevard bring the culture to life, as people go about their daily lives on the bayside.


As Emaar redefined the art of island living, we made it possible for them to show it to the world - with a stunning set of image renderings showing everything from the lean buildings and lively boulevard, to the sandy beaches and turquoise seas dotted with luxury yachts. Our renders are the backbone for Sunrise Bay brochures, a collaborative effort made as an ode to maritime living, set to emulate the overwhelming success of previous Emaar ventures.