Super Suite Yacht VR

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Super Suite Yacht VR



Name of project:

Super Suite Yacht VR


Tillberg Design


Virtual Reality

The Challenge

To showcase Tillberg’s designs using the latest virtual technologies in architectural visualisation

The Solution

In order to accurately translate Tillberg’s extraordinary vision of a three-story yacht into a seamless VR experience, carefully planned briefing sessions had to be set up at regular intervals. The level of detail was to surpass anything we did before, which raised the bar both technically and aesthetically. The end result was a fully immersive experience of a luxurious overseas superyacht - all delivered in under 2 months.

The Outcome

The project was unveiled at Sea Trade Global 2017 in Miami, Florida, where it was presented to the leaders in the cruising industry. The reactions we got were extremely positive - industry professionals getting got so immersed, that they completely put their physical surroundings on hold, and explored every inch of the space in front of them. When their time was up, most of them had more questions about what they tried, a chance for our team to talk about our craft and experience in VR.
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"Looking at the future of architectural visualization from our perspective as designers, we see VR as a very important tool that has the potential to change the industry. This VR project has opened a lot of new doors for us in presentation techniques, and we are extremely happy with the results and working with Case3D on this VR project. Bringing someone physically into a vision is now possible with VR, and that is what we intended to do."

- Stefan Nilsson, CEO at Tillberg Design