Selling the dream

Our 3D renderings help potential buyers make the imaginative leap that is the key to success in off-plan sales. It’s about using the best technology to build emotion and connection, transporting them to a perfect moment and place in the future.

The art is in the detail

It’s the little touches that take our renderings – and their impact – to new levels. Well-judged lighting, the texture of a bedspread, someone taking a coffee on the terrace…we tell stories the viewer can relate to and that will make them feel they have already moved in.

"We've enjoyed a long working relationship with Case3D. Not only are their CGIs of the top quality, but they are extremely accommodating and easy to work with."
Neil Andrew
Associate Director, Dexter Moren Associates
Trusted to deliver
Our clients choose us not just for the quality of our images - they also know they can trust us to deliver on time and on budget every time.
We are architects
So we know how to bring a floorplan to life and elevate a space, applying architectural know-how and aesthetic flair to make it really special.
We have a large team that’s also big on experience
With 40+ people in-house and 20+ affiliates, we can deliver major, complex projects to tight deadlines
We are quality-obsessed
Nothing leaves our studio without being checked by our QA specialist
We provide a dedicated account manager
Who makes sure the whole process runs smoothly and keeps you informed throughout.