About us
Vision and purpose
Our vision is to make life easier for all people and improve the environment and industry with our innovative engineered solutions.
Our purpose is to create an authentic and supportive environment for all our associates and provide them progress and feeling
of joy
We create worlds that inspire
Realism is just the start – our art lies in crafting immersive experiences that evoke emotion and inspire action. Virtual environments that homebuyers will want to visit, explore and fall in love with. We strive to create authentic environment as a support for all the people we are working with
From imagination to immersion
As a team of architectural designers and technologists, we are uniquely qualified to translate your property vision into visuals that will transport homebuyers and investors alike
Making an impact
We are committed to delivering more than just realistic images. From the simplest 3D rendering to the most complex VR experiences, we are on a mission to create architectural visualization that works harder for our clients
Danilo Micić
M.Arch. / CEO
Nebojša Zaklan
M.Arch. / CCO
Rade Nadoveza
M.Arch. / QA Director
Siniša Knežević
Head of Business Development
Jovana Trifunović
Key Account Manager
Saša Todorić
Key Account Manager
Milan Grbić
Key Account Manager
Stefan Vujić
Key Account Manager
Zora Đurić
Key Account Manager
Nada Živković
Key Account Manager
Manja Milivojević
M.Arch. / Head of R&D
Marko Lazić
Marketing Manager
Marko Laketić
Graphic Designer
Ana Svilar
Marketing Executive
Andrea Rodić
Finance Manager
Nemanja Pavlović
Financial Controller
Nikola Savin
HR Manager
Katarina Jugović
HR Assistant
Olga Vuksan
Office Manager
Nevena Urošević
M.Arch. / Quality Assurance / Quality Control Manager
Sofija Savčić
M.Arch. / Project Manager
Zdravko Malinović
Project Manager
Jasmina Laušev
Project Manager
Branko Matić
M.Arch. / Team Lead
Dragana Bunčić
M.Arch. / Art Director
Nemanja Jakovljević
Expert Post-Production Artist
Branislav Zaklan
Senior Developer
Jovanka Cvejić
Unity 3D Developer
Nemanja Jaćimovski
M.Arch. / Technical Artist
Miloš Romanić
Unity 3D Developer
Boris Pilipović
Technical Artist
Ines Vladislav
M.Arch. / Technical Artist
Stanislav Grgić
M.Arch. / 3D Artist
Vukašin Grujin
B.Arch. / 3D Artist
Stefan Leskovac
B.Arch. / Team Lead
Andrej Đivuljskij
M.Arch. / 3D Artist
Marko Marčeta
M.Arch. / 3D Artist
Marina Vukelić
M.Arch. / 3D Artist
Damjan Srećo
M.Arch. / 3D Artist
Lidija Grozdanić
M.Arch. / 3D Artist
Radoslav Rabota
M.Arch. / 3D Artist
Ognjen Rodić
M.Arch. / 3D Artist
Jelena Savić
M.Arch. / 3D Artist
Teodora Černoh
Post-Production Artist
Aleksandar Škorić
Post-Production Artist
Marko Banjac
Post-Production Artist
Aleksandar Fisik
3D Artist
Nenad Nasifović
3D Artist
Svetlana Živanović
Post-Production Artist
Sanja Janković
3D Artist
Nenad Jovanić
3D Artist
Marko Blažić
3D Artist
Nemanja Ćurčić
3D Artist
Ilija Demenesku
3D Artist
Miloš Nesterović
3D Artist